Quilt-A-Thon All Weekend Long

I arrived home tonight after work and a few errands and decided to start quilting, several hours later I thought perhaps I should host a mini Quilt-A-Thon on my blog for the weekend, since that’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend! I figure I’ll post several time this weekend  to fill you in on what I’m working on while plugging away at the Madmen series on Netflix!

Currently I am working on several quilts all at once! This includes several quilts made from the scarp pieces of a previous project ( can you tell I LOVE to do that!)

As you can see I’m all set up for the night!

These pieces are 2.5″ x 5.5″. I am planning on sewing them together into strip sets of 5 rectangles each. Then perhaps either framing or seperating with a solid for a modern type vibe. I figured the easiest way to do this at random ( which I think adds some speed to the process) would be to take my stack of fabric rectangles and put them into 5 different piles. ( My original pile is on the far left.)

All lined up

I then take one of the piles and put it to the side so that I can use them as the “tails” of the strips of four that I plan on making while pinning two rectangles together as a “set” and then sewing two “Sets” together and adding the “Tail” piece to make a line of 5 rectangles.

5 piles to 3 piles…

The picture above shows the pile of “Tails” to the left, the large pile in the middle in the stack that I will create “sets” from, and the pile beginning on the right will be for sets that I have pinned together that will wait to take their turn going through the machine.

…And 3 piles turn into 2 piles…

Ladies and Gentlemen – start your engines!

And a “set” is sewn!


And then a pile of pieces to be ironed is created!! I was lucky that my bobbin didn’t run out on me. I have taken to trying to use up some of my bobbins with older threads on them if the color seems to fit. I don’t mind using a different color bobbin thread with white thread as my top thread, every once and a while you will see a bit of the colored threads peaking out while you are ironing!

Time to get things all cut apart and ready to be pressed.

I got a nice rhythm down for ironing these pieces and the task was done in a flash!

First place one set down…

Then another….

Lay the third set….

And finally a fourth… to complete the row!

Now I can iron 20 at a time!
I call the mess in the back my “creative comfort zone” 🙂 I’m sure we all have one of these in the house! 
Of course I am also working on a few other things at the same time….

A stack of blocks waiting to be arranged on the design board.

These blocks are from the “Beach Hut” pattern out of Jane Brocket’s book , The Gentle Art of Quilt Making. 

Laid out on the design wall…

This is a much smaller version of what Jane’s pattern suggests. I have made the “Beach Hut” pattern before and have a California inspired version that is currently in the “To-be-quilted-(please!)” pile. Its a great pattern for scraps and comes in handy if you want to flex your wings at being more flexible with randomness. I found that I was able make 4 different repeat points… I usually stray away form doing this but I think it helps the movement in this smaller quilt.

Here’s a close up!

2 extras….what to do?…what to do?!….

I’m not sure what to do with these two extra blocks…any suggestions?!?!

And there’s always something spinning in the dryer! A quilter must always be multi-tasking when ever possible 🙂

I dry mine with extra dryer sheets and on air dry to keep the fray of the string down a bit

Those are a bunch of new DS prints from the DS Collection.  I am hoping to make some aprons tomorrow…Christmas is calling!