Quilt Gallery

This page acts as a photo album of some of the projects that I am fortunate enough to get a picture of before sending them out to be wrapped up, cuddled under, and picnic-ed over! Some quilts are old favorites and some are fresh pressed treasures inspired from new patterns, fabrics and techniques I come across.

Summer 2013 (June)
Spring (2013) Allie C. Sandbox Quilt
Spring 2013 (May) Allie C. Sandbox Quilt
Fourth of July Quilt Summer 1999 (August)
Summer (1999) August
Summer 2008/2009
Adam and Em MN Quilt
Adam & Em MN Quilt. Winter (2008/2009)
Cici Pink Quilt. Summer 2013 (June)
Summer 2013 (July)
Summer 2013 (July)
Summer 2013 (July)
Summer 2013 (July)
Summer 2013 (July)
Summer 2013 (July)
Summer 2013 (July)

Finished Quilting September 2013

Purple Pop (September 2013)

Purple Pop is a quilt that has had several transformations before becoming the sweet little lap quilt is it now.  Several years ago, I’d say circa 2003, it started out as a quilt that I wanted to test a pattern from a magazine from. I was able to sew the blocks together, but arranged them all wrong once I looked at the pattern again after a whirlwind of sewing it together. (Yes, this happens to everyone, right?!) Needless to say, I was so devesated. It was suggested that maybe I make it into a large dog bed in the interest of trying a new project for our beloved Springer Spaniel, Hartly. I was so angry at this mistake that I began to take the entire quilt top apart! The pieces were then ripped, stacked, ironed, cut, and re-sewn into much smaller blocks. Several years later the blocks ended up on the top of one of the piles of UFOs during a Spring cleaning purge. I decided to pair the blocks with white-on-white prints. The quilt really began to shine after visiting one of my favorite quilt shops, Center Diamond in Cannon Beach, OR. I found an amazing Kaffe Fassett shot cotton which made all the different purple pop and harmonize together all at once ( Oooooo…Aaaawwww… moment in the back of a quilt shop! 🙂

(Pieced 2000) (Finished/Quilted October 2006) Grandma Honey’s Layer Cake Quilt (Pieced 2000. Finished/Quilted October 2006)

I can not recall where this quilt kit was purchased… perhaps some where in Tacoma, where my Grandmother lives. I remember that it came pre-cut into a Layer Cake size squares and was hand wrapped in tulle and a ribbon. My grandmother and I both got matching kits to complete together. I was in the 7th grade at the time and was able to finish mine in record time! My grandmother was truly impressed. After years of spending time on the sewing room shelf  we finally found a soft and sweet pink flannel back for this quilt, had it quilted and bound and now it is brought out during warm spring mornings to snuggle up on the back deck while sipping coffee and looking out onto the blooming garden in the back yard.


2 thoughts on “Quilt Gallery

  1. I really enjoyed reading all about your beautiful quilts…thank you for sharing all of your inspiring thoughts on fabric …. I have started my own quilt for my little grandaughter …. I will enjoy sharing my progress with you…until next time .

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