Mid- Quilt Monday

Stitch in the Ditch Technique


Fall is approaching and it seemed like a good afternoon to finally get some projects finished instead of cutting new projects to keep my mind busy with numbers, math, and patterns.  This is a quilt that I made up the block pattern for while trying to use scraps from a quilt my dad created for my older sister and brother-in-law. While shopping a little too much fabric was purchased… so far 1 king, 2 queens, and this lap size quilt have been made from the scraps!!

And there are more scraps to be cut as well as another quilt in the works – its amazing how much you can create from your scrap bins! I have been working on the stitch in the ditch method for quilting so far but am hoping to branch out more this fall season.

Needle Close UP!

Its been fun making this quilt because the color palette of these scraps is really different than what I would regularly buy for my own projects. When I was first trying to think of a way to use these scraps my mom and nephew were really into reading the “Little House On the Prairie” series.

Pulling the thread away to make a cut at the end of a long row.

For weeks I would get the updates on the story of the Ingels family from my nephew. The colors of these scraps reminded me of the fabrics I would imagine people creating quilts out of during the pioneer days. Therefore the “Brown Prairie” Quilt was born.

Brown Prairie Quilt draped over the sewing table.

The brown patch in the center reminds me of the small plots of land the families would build their cabins on. The matching brown patches would be the four corner stones of the houses while the surrounding color rings reminded me of the logs and beams they would stack to create their homes.  Its a Mid-Quilt Monday for me while its getting late and my bobbin thread just ran out – guess that means its time to call a quits for today! 🙂 How many quilts have you made from a stash you intended to use for just one project?! ?! I love when one project suddenly morphs into a brand new one! Happy Quilting Everyone.



New Additions

4th of July Quilt

There are new additions to my blog! Please check out some new photos of quilts I have made on my brand new page – “Sewn Together”. As these  summer nights stretch on I am trying to get myself caught up again with my blog postings. I will be posting some more photos of my vacation projects over this weekend. Check back in to see what I have been working on 🙂

Keep Up The Good Work!

I’m headed to the beach next week – Cannon Beach, OR specifically – and I can’t wait to breathe in some fresh ocean air, drink some local cups (coffee, beer, wine, take your pick 🙂 ), and of course do some fabric shopping! I have a lot of work ahead of me though. I have been cramming quilt sandwiches through the machine on a daily basis in hopes of getting a few done to sell outside the house.

“Gum Drop Quilt” One of 4 I made to sell! Any takers?! 🙂

I am getting excited to meet with people walking by and talk about the quilting process. People close to me know that I could literally talk about quilting all day – seriously!

I love planning out which projects will be the beach projects. Its so relaxing to brainstorm and sew when you are away from home – what a luxury. One quilt I hope to work on is an absolutely precious quilt I am helping my best friend to finish. She has named it the “Olivia Lee” and its too cute to go un-quilted.  We will be hand-dying some fabrics on Saturday so I may need to post more pictures since I’m sure the process will end up being a hilarious mess!

The “Olivia Lee” cant wait to see what Allie picks for the back fabric

Cannon Beach is also one of my favorite places to do some fabric shopping! They have two great local quilt shops in the area. There is the Center Diamond in Cannon Beach,OR and Creative Fabrics in Wheeler,OR. Both shops are cozy, cheerful and packed with great fabric choices and very friendly staff. If you are ever in the area you should definitely visit both!

Back to the sewing machine for me! Another quilt sandwich waiting to be finished is calling my name. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks on avoiding puckers when quilting on a smaller machine – I have been needing to pluck out entire rows of stitches to get puckers out! I have only quilted a hand full of quilts myself and its all been over the course of the past 3 months so I’m still on the learning curve. Any tricks would be greatly appreciated! Happy Quilting everyone.

Nothing like a rainy night in June……

Of course I was excited to hear the rain pitter-patter on my window on a lazy June night in Seattle. The sound of rain always seems to complete the content feeling of staying in to quilt on a summer night… and in Seattle these flash storms can be quite common! So tonight there was soup and sewing!

Another section of a doll size Sandbox Quilt going through the machine.

I have been working on some alternative options for my Sandbox Quilt scrap squares. I began piecing and ironing several new blocks over the past week.

Not sure whether these sections will be separated blocks or may perhaps become a background piece for a modern style quilt.

I love this Rowenta iron!! My dad got it from Macys and it totally rocks.

Soooo many options to come….!

Just when the thunder begins to ring and the rain begins to pour dinner is served…pantry sausage soup and home-made cheese biscuits.

This little chickens live on our stove top…what a cute little pair.

You can find the recipes for the Sausage Pantry Soup and Cheese Biscuits on my “Comfort Bites” Page.

Nothing like fresh soup on a rainy night. This recipe is so easy and very adaptable for different tastes or dietary restrictions. Enjoy!

Home-made Cheese Biscuits go perfectly with this savory soup.

I hope you enjoyed your rainy June night as well.  I will be looking forward to laying out my newest Sandbox Dolly Quilt in the summer sun…when ever summer decides to start in Seattle this year.



My First Post! Hot off the Presses!

I just created my blog on Saturday June 22,2013 and here I am writing my first post. How exciting! I have been thinking about starting a blog for the past few months now with the help of two friends guiding me through the process ( I’m a bit of a granny for my generation 🙂 , but grannies can learn new tricks too you know!).

I have been working on this style of quilt for a few years now. It can be described as a basic 9 patch or a checkerboard pattern but I like to call them my ‘sandbox quilts’ due to the cheerful nature of the prints I use and the mixture of all colors and different white-on-white fabrics to balance the child-like prints. It reminds of being a child and playing in the sandbox with all the different toys scattered all around.

I just finished quilting and binding this small size quilt in 4 hours yesterday! That does not count ironing, sewing the back, and actually making the quilt sandwich ( probably my least favorite step so far! ) For the back I chose a solid green with a 1/4 yard cut of green bunny fabric from the Toy Box collection (2009)  by Sara Morgan for Blue Hill Fabrics.  The binding is a pink fabric from my stash with a little pink solid on the corner since I ran out of the pink flowered fabric – time to improvise!

And of course I had the help of a great model…..my nephew Drew 🙂 Here he decided it would be best to act out a playful kitty cuddling up in the ‘Bunny Quilt’!

Looking forward to posting more as I explore the ins and outs of WordPress – you can create your own blog for free and join the fun!